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Title:  Dearest Pet
Genre:  Fluff
Series: Tsubasa R.C.
Characters/Pairings:  Subaru/Kamui
Rating: PG-13?
Status: Complete.
Summary:  Kamui messes up and ends up as a prisoner under his brother's care.  Subaru kind of, maybe enjoys it a little.

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Title:  Untitled
Genre:  Gen, maybe kind of fluffy.
Series: Tsubasa R.C.
Characters/Pairings:  Light TRC Fuuma/Subaru/Kamui
Rating: PG
Status: Complete.
Summary:  Prompt - Any, but with Fuuma/Subaru/Kamui OT3

Subaru sighed at the scene in front of him... )
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Title:  Explosions and Teapots
Genre:  Crack?  IDEK.
Series: X & TRC Crossover
Characters/Pairings:  X!Subaru, TRC!Subaru, X!Kamui, TRC!Kamui
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete.
Summary:  Prompt - The vampire twins meeting their X counterparts

Is your Kamui always like this? )


Omake~ )
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Title:  Being Kamui's Friend
Genre: Angst
Series: X
Characters/Pairings:  Fuuma, Kamui, Keiichi.  Hints of Kei/Kam.
Status: Complete.
Summary:  I actually love Keiichi, so uh... sorry for this fic, guys?

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Title: Tachibana: Origins
Genre: CRACK
Series: Crossover of TRC, X, and Gate 7
Characters/Pairings: X!Subaru/TRC!Kamui
Rating: PG.
Status: Complete.
Summary: Someone posted on Tumblr that Frumpybana has X!Subaru's looks and TRC!Kamui's personality. Here, have a backstory for that.

Here, this is your's... )
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Title: Bianchi and Dino Ficlets.
Genre: General, possibly fluff with a little angst.
Series: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Characters/Pairings: Bianchi and Dino friendship (... kind of...) with mentions of DS and D59.
Rating: G.
Status: Complete.
Summary: Bianchi is Dino's kind of scary, not-really-faghag.

Dino was the first person that Bianchi really tried to kill.. )
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Title: Just a Little Obsessed
Genre: Angst.
Series: X
Characters/Pairings: Fuuma/Kamui
Rating: PG.
Status: One-shot; Complete.
Summary: What they didn't know was that his Twin Star wasn't the only one..

It was a term he’d often heard...
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Title: A Different Kind of Tutoring
Genre: Humour, crack.
Series: X
Characters/Pairings: Subaru/Kamui
Rating: PG-13
Status: One-shot; complete.
Summary: Subaru really is such a good teacher.

Subaru wasn’t sure why Sorata had pulled him aside one day... )
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Title: Pink.
Genre: Angst, mostly.
Series: X.
Characters/Pairings: Kamui, Sorata, Yuzuriha, Kotori, Fuuma; Fuuma/Kamui.
Rating: G.
Status: One-shot; Complete.
Summary: Tokyo’s last festival does not bring good memories.

( Kamui tries not to think of how this might be the last festival Tokyo ever sees... )
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♥ Introduction ♥

Hello, and welcome to Katzen's fanfiction journal! This'll mostly be CLAMP fandom, but I do branch out from time to time. Please do enjoy! ♥


This journal contains adult content and gay themes. If you are bothered by either of these, please do yourself a favor and run away now. Strong sexual content will be placed under an 18+ filter, but implied sexuality and violence will not.

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