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Title:  Dearest Pet
Genre:  Fluff
Series: Tsubasa R.C.
Characters/Pairings:  Subaru/Kamui
Rating: PG-13?
Status: Complete.
Summary:  Kamui messes up and ends up as a prisoner under his brother's care.  Subaru kind of, maybe enjoys it a little.

 “Subaru, this is boring,” Kamui growled, kneeling next to his twin’s chair, shifting and then flopping unto the floor like a fish out of water.  He simply couldn’t stop moving –not when they’d been in this boring-ass lecture for an hour now, his twin not touching him in all that time.  He –hated- when his brother didn’t give him proper acknowledgement, when Subaru’s mind was far away from him.

“Hush, Kamui,” the elder twin replied gently, finally, reaching over to finger the fake cat ears perched on his brother’s head.  That wasn’t enough though, and Kamui tried to nuzzle upward, tried to get Subaru to pet, but his twin only pulled his hand away. 

“Subaru, just…”

“No, Kamui,” more stern this time, Subaru ducking in apology when he caught the attention of a few others in the lecture.  He wasn’t the only one with someone by his side, but the others were all much more well-behaved, had surely been in training for longer.  Briefly, he wondered what they had done to in up in their position.  Kamui had…


More people looked back to them and the elder twin sighed, knowing what was expected now as much as he didn’t like it.  He stood with an apologetic bow, yanking on the leash attached to Kamui hard and forcing him up as well.  At that he started to pull his bratty brother out of the hall, a few affirming and approving nods following his progress until they were out the door.

“Subaru, I’m sorry, I just…”

“Kamui,” Subaru growled dangerously, rounding on his twin, eyes sharp and serious.  That alone was enough to make Kamui press himself back against the wall, slouching slightly, making himself smaller in an almost protective gesture.  He knew his brother wouldn’t hurt him, but he also knew he was in trouble –all his fault, always his fault.  If only he’d thought before he…

“Look, Kamui… I know you want my attention.”  Kamui relaxed a little as his twin’s tone became easier, smoothed into something less threatening.  Subaru simply was not good at staying upset with him. “But you know I can’t give it to you.  You are technically my prisoner, and there are rules to follow in this world.”

“…. there was nothing about you not touching me.”

“Pets are not supposed to be acknowledged in the lecture halls,” he returned a little matter-of-factly, pointing vaguely to the plaques lining the walls.  All rules for the training lectures, all pertaining to the treatment of pets.  “Why couldn’t you just go to sleep like the others?  If you were that bored…”

“But you were right beside me.  When you’re so close, it feels… wrong… not to be touching.”

“I know, Kamui, but you… you have to get used to it.  Listen, brother...”  He looked around quickly, taking note of his surroundings, seeing if maybe there were cameras anywhere -anything that would get them in trouble.  Satisfied that there was nothing of concern, he pulled on the leash, bringing his brother away from the wall and smoothing knuckles down his cheek.  “Two days, yes?  It is just two days before we can jump again.” 

“Two days?”

“It could be worse, brother.”  Subaru looked to his twin contemplatively for a moment before he fully cupped his face, brought him even closer and leaned in until their lips just brushed… “Be good for me until then?”  His voice turned breathy, almost a moan, “Please, Kamui, please…”

… and then he pulled away with an innocent smile and a blush, watching as Kamui stood frozen and stared in utter disbelief.  The younger twin had used that kind of teasing on him many times before, but apparently had never thought that it would ever be turned against him.  Which... was terribly silly in Subaru’s mind, as they were twins and traits were easily shared between the two of them.  Nothing was as much of an influence on them as each other.

“So, are you going in be good in the lecture hall, or do I have to punish you further by making you sleep on the couch tonight?”  His voice took on a happier tone, amusement just barely coloring it as Kamui blinked back to reality and turned a vivid red.

“I… I’ll be good.”

“Thank you.”  The elder let his hand slide through his twin’s hair -apparently craving touch just as much- stopping at the cat ears and moving down, tucking a lock of hair behind a true ear.  His twin leaned into the touch just like a real cat and Subaru chuckled, moving to nuzzle, placing a proper kiss to his jaw.  “That’s my good little kitten.”

“That… being called that is embarrassing, Subaru…”

“Is it?  But it fits…”  He kissed a little lower, reminded himself that he was being improper and pulled away, once more playing with the cat ears to distract himself from his adorable, tempting brother.  He mused on the black accessory quietly and chewed on his lower lip, hunching just a little.  “I… I think we should take these with us when we leave, by the way.”

“What, no.”

“But you look so…”


“Kamui, please~?” he made eyes, frowned slightly, and saw his twin melt just as planned.  As much as Kamui knew how to work Subaru, Subaru knew how to work Kamui.

“… fine.”  Kamui crossed his arms and pouted, only huffing a little as Subaru placed a softer kiss on his cheek.  His twin then brushed past him, lightly gave the leash and collar a tug, led him back into the lecture hall.  There, Kamui sat quietly as promised, appeased as he focused inward, plotting all the… interesting… ways he was going to get back at his beloved for teasing him.

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