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Title:  Untitled
Genre:  Gen, maybe kind of fluffy.
Series: Tsubasa R.C.
Characters/Pairings:  Light TRC Fuuma/Subaru/Kamui
Rating: PG
Status: Complete.
Summary:  Prompt - Any, but with Fuuma/Subaru/Kamui OT3

Subaru sighed at the scene in front of him, brows knitting together in exasperation and maybe a small amount of annoyance.  “Kamui, really…”

His dearest twin was on the floor in a curl, growling as he struggled against the woven cabling binding his body.  It wrapped tight around his form like a hungry snake, keeping ankles and wrists in place, a loop between snarling teeth.  Hovering above him was a very smug Fuuma, grin as bright as ever as he turned his attention from the pissed off vampire to the elder twin.  “You know, Subaru-san…”  Kamui thrashed and almost made Fuuma lose his footing, the Hunter managing to catch himself just in time.  “You really should keep a leash on him.”

“My brother is free to do as he pleases,” he straightened, tensed, expression turning a tad darker, “If I may, I suggest that you explain why you have brought him to me like this.  I do not approve of my brother being bound like some animal.”

“Oh, it has only been done with the best intentions.”  A shrug.  “This time, at least.”  Kamui growled louder, and both twins tensed as Fuuma knelt down to run fingers through the smaller’s wild hair.  “He was causing a bit of trouble in the nearby town I was staying in.  So,” Fuuma chuckled, the sound warm and affectionate, “I offered to catch him and remove him.  They weren’t exactly thrilled with the not-killing-him part of the offer, so I had to tempt them with a little something else too.”

“You…”  Subaru’s eyes widened, his demeanor easily shifting back into something more gentle and agreeable.  There was just something in the way the human looked at his brother, something genuine, kind, and... and...  “You gave up something for Kamui…?”

“Of course I did.  Yuuko-san might be upset with me later, but…”  A shrug as fingers slid downward over a soft cheek and smooth neck, the bound vampire trying to inch away.  “Worth it, you know?”

“I really do.”  He dropped to kneel close to Fuuma, one hand steadying himself against the human’s thigh as he soothed his twin gently.  “Thank you… for saving him, then.”

“No need to thank me.  I assure you my motivations were entirely selfish.”  A large hand covered Subaru’s momentarily, both now occupied by the twins.  “And speaking of selfish motivations… since I have destroyed my reputation with the town, do you think your housing may have room for another?”

“Perhaps.”  Subaru nodded, smiling to Kamui, who huffed and whined even as be blushed slightly.  Adorably.  “If you can promise me that my brother will not end up tied up again, I think you staying with us would be… nice.”

“Hmm…”  Fuuma pretended to think before chuckling once more and standing, lifting Kamui easily and giving an honest smile to Subaru.  “As hard as it will be, I think I can agree to that.”

"Thank you again."  Subaru started to lead to the small house they had occupied, pausing suddenly mid-step with a soft click of his tongue.  "But... if you do not mind."  A smile over his shoulder, and Kamui shivered, knowing it was a not-happy one.  "Please do not release him until after I have lectured him."

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