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Title:  Explosions and Teapots
Genre:  Crack?  IDEK.
Series: X & TRC Crossover
Characters/Pairings:  X!Subaru, TRC!Subaru, X!Kamui, TRC!Kamui
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete.
Summary:  Prompt - The vampire twins meeting their X counterparts

“Is your Kamui always like this?”  The human Subaru asked flatly, focused on his tea instead of the loud sounds of battle around them.

“… sometimes.  Well... alot of the time.”  The vampire Subaru took a sip from his own cup, smiling at the gentle taste.  “But he really is incredibly cute underneath it all.”


“So your Kamui… has he always had…”  An explosion next to them, both casually ducking the debris.  “I have to say, I’m quite surprised to see him with such power.

“He represents the power of God.”

“Oh.  I see.”

Silence fell on the two Subarus as they turned their attentions back to their cups, fingers playing along the sides in the same nervous tick.  Abruptly, they both looked at each other, speaking in unison... "So, your Seishirou-san..."

Meanwhile, the vampire Kamui hissed and dove for his double, "What the hell do you mean all of this is for Fuuma?!  That asshole doesn't deserve anything!"

"Look, I'm friends with my Fuuma!  He's really sweet!"  The human just barely managed to dodge, launching off a wall and sailing backwards.

"Sweet?!  Is that why you're covered in scars?"  Kamui-kun spun, claws extended in a sweep as he sent rocks and air flying toward the other. 

"H-He's..."  Kamui-chan gasped as a few rocks made contact, the wisps of sharp air tearing at his clothes.  "He's just a little crazy right now, okay?!"

"You're making excuses for him?!"

"I don't see you running any apocalypses!  So you can't possibly...!"  The small human launched a blast of energy toward the other, slamming the vampire into a wall.  A part of him was secretly relieved when it didn't have any outwardly affect.  "You just don't understand!"

"Yeah, well...!"  Kamui-kun shook it off, making note of the internal damage that Subaru would surely scold him for later.  "Judging by the state of this world, you don't seem to be doing a very good job 'running' it!"

"Go to hell!"

"Make me!"

Another blast of energy sailed past the Subarus as they looked to their teapot mournfully, cracked and leaking from an errant rock.  "I fear fate is not kind to us..."  The vampire mused, placing his cup down slowly.

"It... it's so cruel."  The human said softly and the other Subaru nodded quietly, only to turn confused at his companion suddenly looking even more crestfallen.  "That... That was Seishirou-san's favorite teapot..."



The poor vampire Subaru had been so focused on cheering his other self up that he hadn’t even noticed when the battle between the two Kamuis stopped.  No, it wasn’t until after he had the other home and zoned out in the Sakurazuka garden that he panicked, moving through the destroyed city quickly.  He had faith that his Kamui would turn up absolutely fine –his brother was amazing and strong and perfect- but the other Kamui…?  He definitely didn’t want the other Kamui harmed, either.

However, once he’d found them, he’d been given a bit of an unexpected… shock.

His brother was absolutely fine –both of them were.  In fact, not only were they fine, they… they were… pressed against a broken wall, the vampire’s thigh tight between the human’s, his tongue working at some of the bloody wounds he had caused.   Far from distressed, the human arched into him, head tilting back with a low, drawn-out moan.

“K-Kamui…?”  Subaru practically squeaked, chewing on his lower lip because the image… the image wasn’t exactly… displeasing.  “What… are you doing?”

“Hmm~?”  Kamui-kun pulled back with a whimper from the other, lips dark red with fresh blood.  He licked it away slow, smiling sultrily to his brother.  “Do you… want some, too?”


“Don’t worry.  He likes~ it~” 

The other Kamui growled.  “Fuck you, no I… I don’t…”  And yet somehow, his hands were working into his counterpart’s hair, pulling him back to the shallow wound.  Subaru watched the human squirm and hum in pleasure, hands fidgeting before he started to inch over.

“I… I’m sorry…”  Subaru whispered once he was close enough to taste another wound, shuddering hard at both Kamui-chan’s cry and his twin’s hand sliding firm down his back.

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