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Title:  Being Kamui's Friend
Genre: Angst
Series: X
Characters/Pairings:  Fuuma, Kamui, Keiichi.  Hints of Kei/Kam.
Status: Complete.
Summary:  I actually love Keiichi, so uh... sorry for this fic, guys?

“And how do you know Kamui?”  Fuuma asked; his smile warm and gentle.  It was the kind of smile that Kamui didn’t trust anymore, made his body tense subconsciously, fingernails worrying at the bark of the tree he was hiding behind.  He’d been going to meet Keiichi just outside of campus so that they could go to one of the few open cafes, but apparently his twinstar had found him first.  Things had seemingly been fine until Keiichi mentioned him; the subtle change in Fuuma’s demeanor making Kamui wonder if stepping in himself would make things safer or much, much worse.

“He’s my friend!”  Keiichi beamed brightly; giving the grin that made Kamui feel a little lighter, made the world seem slightly more manageable.  That his classmate could still smile like that after everything –after all the pain Kamui’s own failures and fate had put him through- was simply amazing.  He was almost sure that if he could just keep his friend smiling like that, just like that forever, that maybe he could find some of that calm and happiness, too.

“Have you known him long?

“Ah, only since the end of Spring term!”  The light-haired boy scratched the back of his head sheepishly, hunching slightly with a small blush.  “One of those mysterious late-transfer students, you know?  I usually just say ‘hi’ and leave it at that, but he’s so pretty and always looks so sad.  I really want to make him happy!”

“I see.”  A nod and Fuuma kept up his mask as he stepped closer, movement smooth and planned.  His hands remained shoved in his pockets, and Kamui wasn’t sure if he was relieved or worried over that.  “Well, I’ve known him a bit longer.”

“You have?!”  Keiichi brightened even more, apparently excited to meet someone else who might have some insight on the past of his cute, small friend.

“I have.”  The Chi no Ryuu reached out, fingers drawing along Keiichi’s jaw as the other looked to him in sweet confusion.  “In fact, I’ve known him for long enough,” his smile took on a more dangerous curve, head tilting down so that golden eyes could glance above glasses, “to know that being his friend never ends well.”

Fuuma only smiled at Kamui when the younger tried to dive for his classmate, a beautiful scream tearing from his throat while Keiichi's warm blood painted him a more suiting red.

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