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Title: Tachibana: Origins
Genre: CRACK
Series: Crossover of TRC, X, and Gate 7
Characters/Pairings: X!Subaru/TRC!Kamui
Rating: PG.
Status: Complete.
Summary: Someone posted on Tumblr that Frumpybana has X!Subaru's looks and TRC!Kamui's personality. Here, have a backstory for that.

“Here, this is your’s.”

Subaru blinked at the familiar vampire joining him on the rooftop, surprised to see him again after… well… honestly, he was pretty surprised to see him again at all. As he understood it, traveling dimensions was a bit random, and to end up in the same place after just a little over a year was kind of really strange. Not to mention that the other looked oddly tired and more than a little frustrated.

“What is?” He took a drag of his cigarette, watching through the pale smoke as Kamui shifted his cape and produced a small bundle of soft blue fabric, which –horrifyingly- suddenly started to squirm. His worst and most confusing suspicions were confirmed when the vampire pulled the fabric back, small infant hands instantly reaching to grab for him.

“This. This thing,” he hissed and came closer, holding the infant out with the obvious intention of passing it off. It cooed happily, small eyes widening as it flailed toward the Sakurazukamori. My Subaru wanted to keep it, but all it does is smell and make annoying sounds. Take. It.

“… of course, it’s a baby…” Subaru thought, staring at the wriggling child but not placing a hand on it. Namely because he had one extremely good question: “How is this mine, though?” Because it was only that one time, and unless he had been lied to about anatomy his entire life, he was pretty certain the surly vampire was male. And males don’t get pregnant.


“No, I mean that we’re both…”

“The fucking witch.”

Oh. Well, that made more sense… in a somewhat disturbing way. Vaguely –very vaguely, as he was pretty sure he hadn’t been entirely with it at the time- he did remember Kamui mentioning something about Yuuko-san repaying an old favor to the Sumeragi family. Something about bringing the vampire to this world to give him something important. Just… he’d apparently been pretty damned wrong on what that something was, and his error had… made that something come into being.

“Kamui-san, I can’t take on a child right now.” You know. Sakurazukamori. Assassin. Killer. Pretty busy, really.

“And you really trust me with it?” Um. Okay, Subaru could concede that point –actually, he wasn’t even sure how the multiverse had managed to survive Kamui being pregnant. He’d only known the vampire for two months before he and his brother had left, but even in those two months, he’d had to hold Kamui back from quite a few fights. Just one wrong look in any Subaru’s direction, and the claws came out. That wasn’t really a good thing for a young child to be exposed to, either.

“Look, I…” Subaru sighed and finally just gave in. He held out his arms, allowing Kamui to practically drop the little one into them. “Is it a boy or girl?” Not that he couldn’t find out on his own, but knowing some basics before the vampire ran off would be nice.


“And his name?”

“It doesn’t have one.”

“You didn’t even name him?” That was usually the first thing that people did. Like it pops out –or… however Kamui had it… Subaru didn’t want to know- and you name it.

“I wanted to name it Tabemono, but Subaru wouldn’t let me.” Thank god for Kamui’s twin. “Is there anything else?”

“No, I think I can make do with that.” He sighed woefully again, watching Kamui curtly nod and turn to leave.

Watching the child settle down and fall back into sleep, Subaru wondered what the hell he was going to do with him. He really couldn’t keep him, and Sakurazukamori or not, he wasn’t heartless enough to drop the little boy into an orphanage. Maybe he could find someone else to take him into their family? But who?

All at once it dawned on him. His grandmother had continued to try to reach him in his new role, and her last message had been nothing but updates about the goings-on of the families the Sumeragi were connected to. Not much that he cared about anymore, but he did remember her saying something about one of the families having a female baby about the age of this little boy. They had wanted a male child, so maybe… just maybe… they would take this one?

He would definitely call his contacts in Kyoto later. For now, he decided to let his son sleep, Subaru secretly praying for humanity’s sake that he wouldn't take after the vampire in personality.

Of course, per Subaru's luck...
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