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Title: Bianchi and Dino Ficlets.
Genre: General, possibly fluff with a little angst.
Series: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Characters/Pairings: Bianchi and Dino friendship (... kind of...) with mentions of DS and D59.
Rating: G.
Status: Complete.
Summary: Bianchi is Dino's kind of scary, not-really-faghag.

Dino was the first person that Bianchi really tried to kill, and even though she doesn't really hate him anymore, she continues to get a little annoyed when she remembers how she failed.

Bianchi still finds it amusing to sneak up on Dino and watch him flatten instinctively against the nearest wall with a look of sheer terror. She hopes he never grows out of that reaction because it took years to train it.

A gourmet cake and fifteen minutes guaranteed alone with Reborn was what young Dino paid when Bianchi learned of his fascination with Squalo. On Bianchi's side, she got to find out Dino liked someone equally as scandalous as she did, and that truly expensive cake is amazing.

On Dino's side, he got to learn that keeping a personal journal is a Very Bad Idea.

As Bianchi watches Dino accidentally get some food up his nose while eating (no one is sure how he managed that), she thinks idly that it’s very good he’s chasing after a guy.

After all, guys only have one hole.

The Cavallone boss as an adult is seen as perfectly masculine: as a man's man and someone to really look up to and/or fear. A wolf, if you will.

However, unlike most people, Bianchi has known him for too long to really fall into this idea. She instead sees him as a fluffy dog: one that looks fiercely after his pack before trotting off loyally -tail wagging and eyes loving- after certain long-haired assassins.

Dino thinks Gokudera resembles a young Squalo at least a little; enough that he finds himself occasionally flirting with him, getting him to fluster and come just a little bit closer.

Bianchi knows that Dino thinks Gokudera resembles a young Squalo... and makes sure this flirting comes to a very abrupt end just a few days after it begins.

During and after the ring battles, Bianchi helps maintain the lie that the reason Dino is staying with Squalo is because he’s trying to get information out of him. She does this because as annoying as the Cavallone brat can be, she's come to idolize that sort of hopeless love.

One day Dino shows up at the Sawada household totally unexpected, laughing about wanting to see his cute little brother and wheedling his way into staying with them for a week. For the most part, no one questions this: surely someone in Dino’s position can afford to spend time with an ally whenever he feels like it.

Unlike everyone else, Bianchi is sure that Dino’s excuses are lies. She’s heard that back home, they’re trying to push Dino into a marriage he doesn't want. He's at the right age, after all, and it's a tradition that is to be followed in the mafia with love being nothing more than a fairy tale. Unfortunately, it’s obvious Dino is still naïve enough to want to believe otherwise.

“Haneuma,” she says the night after he shows up, finding him sitting alone in the dark at the base of the stairs (looking fairly disheveled- she figures he probably fell down those stairs first), “Every tradition needs people to break it. You have to fight.” Because like him, she also wants to believe love matters most.

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Date: 2010-07-23 09:04 pm (UTC)
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I liked these. I liked the way Dino sort of grew up through Bianchi's eyes, the pogression of their relationship. The harshness of the reality they live in, and the things they try and hold on to to help - soften it, somewhat.

I'm probably not making much sense. I love whenever people play on the idea that these two have a shared past - well they must havve one - and you've done it so well, and yet managed to keep it vague while conveying a sense of closeness between the two. :D Which is really, really cool.

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