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Title: A Different Kind of Tutoring
Genre: Humour, crack.
Series: X
Characters/Pairings: Subaru/Kamui
Rating: PG-13
Status: One-shot; complete.
Summary: Subaru really is such a good teacher.

Subaru wasn’t sure why Sorata had pulled him aside one day, asking him to teach their young saviour about, of all things, sex. After all, Kamui was already sixteen and had surely heard more than his fill from classmates; not to mention that Subaru… well, what he’d experienced and what he knew was hardly conventional, male-female relations.

Of course, that seemed to matter not to Sorata, who had merely asked him to do his best with a strong pat on the back, and god… why did the world hate him? Sure, maybe it would be best to explain all types of love to Kamui, as well as his other sexual options, but still…

Why him?

Not that Subaru had time to reflect on this for too long as he went to find the boy: his complaints gone when he found Kamui alone in his bedroom, studying diligently (for once). The teenager was so obviously fresh from a shower: hair wet, his shirt clinging just slightly, Subaru’s eyes seemingly drawn to all the spots where Kamui should have buttoned his shirt, but didn’t. It wasn’t a bad view, really; made almost cute as Kamui swore under his breath at his math, frustrated with equations that were apparently not solving as they should.

Really, Subaru was perfectly content just watching him figure things out, leaning against the door frame with a slight curve to his lips, but then Kamui realized he was there, eyes surprised and blinking to refocus after having concentrated for too long. “Oh… Subaru... hi?” The sheepish blush and warm-sweet smile made the man’s heart thump oddly, and it was at that moment Subaru forgot his prepared speech entirely, stepping forward with an air of seriousness before closing the door behind him.

He was much better at teaching hands-on, anyway.
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